Growing Bolder During Life’s Transitions: It’s not about age, it’s about attitude

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“Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.” - Henry Ford

Remember when no dream seemed too big? When the future was filled with possibility? What if it still is? If it feels like it’s been a long time since you chased your dreams, there’s good news: you are the one who controls your future.

The power of self-belief can be incredibly effective in bringing about positive change in your life, no matter how old you are. Dreams are not about age. They’re about attitude. Now is the time to embrace a Growing Bolder attitude and believe that the best is yet to come because what the mind believes, the body embraces.

If you want different results in your life, you have to have a different attitude. Take a chance. Take a big chance. Know that you are capable of so much more than others might think. To be afraid to fail is to be afraid to live. Don't sit back. Lean forward and take life head-on. Don't let your only source of inspiration be the creativity of others. Find your passion and pursue it. The act of personal creation is one of life's greatest joys. And don't stop if you fail, because you probably will, and that’s okay. Refine, adjust, and try again. And again. Reinvent yourself. And if that doesn't work, reinvent yourself.

It is never too late to try something new for the first time, pick up a new hobby, make a new friend, start a business, fall in love, go on an adventure, exercise, learn something new, or make a life transition by moving or downsizing.

Making a change isn’t always easy, but it is often worth it. Whether you are thinking of downsizing or moving to a new community, venturing into the unknown alone is an intimidating task. That’s when having a team around you comes in handy. Not only will the professionals at Caring Transitions take on the load of planning, packing, moving, decluttering, and more, but they will set you up for success to start living the life of your dreams from day one.

“When you’re working with a Caring Transitions team, they understand that the ‘first-day living experience’ is crucial to launch you into tomorrow, fully embracing the opportunity as best you can. It’s the embracing of ‘what’s next,’” says Carrie Coumbs, Caring Transitions senior strategic advisor.

You’re never too old to go through a life transition, and you’re never too old to dream. Don't wait for permission from our ageist culture or inspiration from our mainstream media to live the life you want. If you're unhappy with your life, it's up to you to change. If you long for more, then go get it. Don’t wait for a better life to find you and don’t wait for permission to go find it. Get off the couch and get into life.

Be optimistic about the future and take a leap of faith. Above all, surround yourself with believers who support your dreams and encourage you to get where you want in life. The team at Caring Transitions is here to help. Remember, Growing Bolder is possible regardless of your age, because it's not about age, it’s about attitude.

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